Test Cases for Whiteboard

In this post, we have covered user interface, functional, and non-functional test cases for whiteboard.

  1. Verify that the dimension of the whiteboard is as per the specifications.
  2. Verify the exact color of the board – white color’s variant.
  3. Verify the smoothness of the whiteboard.
  4. Verify the material used to develop the surface of the whiteboard
  5. Verify the material used in the body of the whiteboard, its hooks, and other parts.
  6. Verify if the board is suitable for writing with normal/specified marker types.
  7. Verify if there is sufficient friction in the board to allow writing on its surface.
  8. Verify if text written in the board using normal markers gets erased using a duster.
  9. Check if there is a holder for markers and duster in the whiteboard.
  10. Verify that the board works normally in all climatic conditions- humidity, temperatures, etc.
  11. Verify that the board doesn’t reflect too much light that makes it unreadable.
  12. Verify the amount of pressure required to write on the board using normal markers.
  13. Verify that markers of all colors but white should be visible on the board.
  14. Verify that text written in the board should not fade away quickly(or before a specified time).
  15. Verify that the board has hooks to hang them over the wall.
  16. Verify if text written using permanent markers, paints etc can be erased on the board using chemicals.

Test Case Examples

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