Test Cases of pencil

Test Cases for Pencil

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In this article, we are sharing test scenarios of Pencil. Since the focus here is to cover the different features to be tested instead of the creation of formal test cases, so basically we will be presenting test scenarios here.

  1. Verify that the text written with the pencil is readable/legible.
  2. Verify that the user can write smoothly on different types/quality paper surfaces.
  3. Check that the darkness/color of the text written by pencil is as per the specifications.
  4. Check the strength of the lead, it should not break when a specified(normal human) pressure is applied.
  5. Verify that the text written by pencil can be erased by normal erasers.
  6. Verify the quality and strength of the pencil’s wood.
  7. Check whether the outer body of the pencil is circular or some polygon shape.
  8. Verify that the length and radius of the pencil are as per the specification.
  9. Verify that the weight of the application is as per the specification.
  10. Verify that the pencil can be sharpened easily by a normal sharpener.
  11. Verify the total length of text written by a complete pencil.
  12. Verify the total length of text written before you need to sharpen the pencil again.
  13. Verify that the pencil writes on the normally specified surfaces clearly.
  14. Verify the outer coloring of the pencil’s paint.
  15. Check if the pencil writes when put in water for some time.
  16. Check the quality and strength of the pencil when immersed in water for some time.
  17. Check that the text written by pencil gets erased or not when the paper is immersed in water and later dried.

Test Case Examples

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