Test cases of Wrist Watch

  1. Verify the type of watch – analog or digital
  2. Verify the RPM of second, minute and hour hand of the watch, in case of analog watch
  3. Verify that digital display for hours, minutes and seconds is correctly displayed
  4. Verify the material of the watch and its strap
  5. Check if the shape of the dial is as per specification
  6. Verify the dimension of the watch is as per the specification
  7. Verify the weight of the watch
  8. Check if the watch is water proof or not
  9. Verify that the numbers in the dial are visible or not
  10. Verify that the numbers in the dial are placed at equal distance
  11. Check if the watch is having date, day display or not
  12. Verify that clock’s time can be corrected using the the key in case of analog clock and buttons in case of digital clock
  13. Check if the second hand of the watch makes ticking sound or not
  14. Verify if the brand of the watch and check if its visible in the dial
  15. Check if the clock is having stopwatch, timers and alarm functionality or not
  16. In case of digital watch, verify the format of the watch 12 hour or 24 hour
  17. Verify if the watch comes with any guarantee or warranty
  18. Verify if the dial has glass covering or plastic, check if the material is breakable or not
  19. Verify if the dial’s glass/plastic is resistant to minor scratches or not
  20. Check the battery requirement of the watch

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