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Test Case for Google Search

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In this article, we are sharing some test scenarios of Google search.
Please be informed that these are test scenarios and not test cases. Since the focus here is to understand the different functionalities to be tested instead of actual test cases, so, we have added test scenarios here for faster readability.

  1. Verify that the response fetched for a particular keyword is correct and related to the keyword, containing links to the particular webpage
  2. Verify that the response are sorted by relevancy in descending order i.e. most relevant result for the keyword are displayed on top
  3. Verify that response for multi word keyword is correct
  4. Verify that response for keywords containing alphanumeric and special characters is correct
  5. Verify that the link title, URL and description have the keyword highlighted in the response
  6. Verify auto-suggestion in Google e.g. providing input as ‘fac’ should give suggestions like ‘facebook’, ‘facebook massenger’, ‘facebook chat’ etc
  7. Verify that response fetched on selecting the suggested keyword and on providing the keyword directly should be same
  8. Verify that the suggestion provided by Google are sorted by most popular/relevant suggestions
  9. Verify that user can make search corresponding to different categories – web, images, videos, news, books etc and response should correspond to the keyword in that category only
  10. Verify that misspelled keyword should get corrected and response corresponding to the correct keyword should get displayed
  11. Verify that multi word misspelled keywords also get corrected
  12. Verify the performance of search- check if the time taken to fetch the response is within the ballpark
  13. Verify that total number of results fetched for a keyword
  14. Verify that the search response should be localised that is response should be more relevant to the country/area from which the search request is initiated
  15. Verify Google calculator service- make any arithmetic request, calculator should get displayed with correct result
  16. Verify Google converter service- make request like- 10USD in INR and check if the result is correct
  17. Verify search response for a large but valid strings
  18. Verify that incorrect keywords – keywords not having related result should lead to “did not match any documents” response
  19. Verify that user can make search using different languages
  20. Verify that for a keywords, some related search terms are also displayed to aid user’s search
  21. Verify that for number of results more than the limit on a single page, pagination should be present, clicking on which user can navigate to subsequent page’s result
  22. Verify Google’s advanced search options like- searching within a website, searching for files of specific extension
  23. Verify if the search is case-insensitive or not
  24. Verify the functionality of “I’m feeling Lucky” search- the top most search result should get directly returned (but as of now google doodle page link is displayed)

UI Test Cases for Google Search

  1. Verify that Google Logo is present and centre aligned
  2. Verify that the search textbox is centre aligned and editable
  3. Verify that search request should get hit by clicking on search button or hitting enter after writing the search term
  4. Verify that in the search result- webpage’s title, URL and description are present
  5. Verify that clicking the search result will lead to the corresponding web page
  6. Verify that pagination is present in case number of results are greater than the maximum results allowed in a page
  7. Verify that user can navigate to a page number directly or move to previous or next page using the links present
  8. Verify that different languages links are present and gets applied on clicking the same
  9. Verify that the total number of results for the keyword is displayed
  10. Verify that the time taken to fetch the result is displayed

Test Case Examples

Login PageRegistration PageE-commerce AppGoogle Search
ATM MachineHeader, Footer, Textbox, etcFacebookGMail
YoutubeCoffee MachineDateFieldDoor
CalculatorFanFlight ReservationCar
Hospital ManagementKeyboardKindleLift
Mobile PhoneMouseMicrowave OvenNotepad
Online ExaminationPenPencilRemote Control
Wrist WatchWater BottleWhatsappWhite Board
ChairMarkerForgot PasswordAir Conditioner

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