Test Scenarios for TV

  1. Verify the dimensions of the TV – length, breadth and height are as per the specifications
  2. Check the TV technology type – LED, LCD etc
  3. Verify that the screen resolution of the TV is as per the specifications
  4. Check the material used for outer body of TV
  5. Check the material used for screen of TV
  6. Verify that on supplying specified power supply, TV gets switched on after pressing ‘Power’ button
  7. Verify that all the buttons on TV perform there functioning correctly
  8. Verify that TV screen clearly displayes videos
  9. Verify that audio of TV is audible without any noise
  10. Verify that buttons in TV have clearly visible lables indicating there functionality
  11. Verify that buttons in TV function correctly when pressed
  12. Verify that remote’s signal reciever recieves signal within a specified range

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