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Test Scenarios for TV

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In this article, we are sharing some test scenarios for a TV. The focus here is to cover the different features to be tested instead of the creation of formal test cases, so we will be presenting test scenarios here.

  1. Verify the dimensions of the TV – length, breadth, and height are as per the specifications
  2. Check the TV technology type – LED, LCD, etc.
  3. Verify that the screen resolution of the TV is as per the specifications.
  4. Check the material used for the outer body of the TV.
  5. Check the material used for the screen of the TV.
  6. Verify that on supplying the specified power supply, the TV gets switched on after pressing the ‘Power’ button.
  7. Verify that all the buttons on the TV perform their functioning correctly.
  8. Verify that the TV screen clearly displays videos.
  9. Verify that the audio of the TV is audible without any noise.
  10. Verify that buttons on the TV have clearly visible labels indicating their functionality.
  11. Verify that buttons in the TV function correctly when pressed.
  12. Verify that the remote’s signal receiver receives a signal within a specified range.

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