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Test Cases for Chair

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In this article, we are sharing some test scenarios of a chair. Please be informed that these are test scenarios and not test cases. Since the focus here is to understand the different functionalities to be tested instead of actual test cases, so, we have added test scenarios here for faster readability.

  1. Verify that the chair is stable enough to take an average human load.

  2. Check the material used in making the chair-wood, plastic etc.

  3. Check if the chair’s leg are level to the floor.

  4. Check the usability of the chair as an office chair, normal household chair.

  5. Check if there is back support in the chair.

  6. Check if there is support for hands in the chair.

  7. Verify the paint’s type and color.

  8. Verify if the chair’s material is brittle or not.

  9. Check if cushion is provided with chair or not.

  10. Check the condition when washed with water or effect of water on chair.

  11. Verify that the dimension of chair is as per the specifications.

  12. Verify that the weight of the chair is as per the specifications.

  13. Check the height of the chair’s seat from floor.

Test Case Examples

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8 thoughts on “Test Cases for Chair”

    • Its need to be verify by design – because there is a chairs with 3 legs or modern design when two and two are different distance

  1. Verify if wheels are needed specified in chair.
    Verify if the wheels are turning 360 degrees or not.
    Check if the wheels are oiled well or not.
    Check if there is any pointy edge on the chair or not

  2. Verify if:
    – chair can be upgraded (different back) or add the wheels
    – can be user repairable
    – if chair stable enough when user make different movements – shaking, rocking, jumping standing o the head etc.
    – check of have safety to prevent user for example from electrocution (safety regulations)
    – check if chair can be stored with other chairs on top/bottom

  3. 1. Verify that the Main Function check stability
    2. Check the Offer vertical adjustability/ backrest adjustability and Tilt Angle, Backrest tilt lock, Backrest travel restriction, Height Adjustment, Forward tilt adjustment, Side tension adjustment crank.


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