Test Scenarios for Chair

  1. Verify that the chair is stable enough to take an average human load
  2. Check the material used in making the chair-wood, plastic etc
  3. Check if the chair’s leg are level to the floor
  4. Check the usability of the chair as an office chair, normal household chair
  5. Check if there is back support in the chair
  6. Check if there is support for hands in the chair
  7. Verify the paint’s type and color
  8. Verify if the chair’s material is brittle or not
  9. Check if cushion is provided with chair or not
  10. Check the condition when washed with water or effect of water on chair
  11. Verify that the dimension of chair is as per the specifications
  12. Verify that the weight of the chair is as per the specifications
  13. Check the height of the chair’s seat from floor

Check the below link for a complete set of test cases for different applications.

Test Cases Examples

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