Test Scenarios of Lift

  1. Verify the dimensions of the lift
  2. Verify the type of door of the lift is as per the specification
  3. Verify the type of metal used in the lift interior and exterior
  4. Verify the capacity of the lift in terms of the total weight
  5. Verify the buttons in the lift to close and open the door and numbers as per the number of floors
  6. Verify that lift moves to the particular floor as the button of the floor is clicked
  7. Verify that lift stops when up/down buttons at particular floor are pressed
  8. Verify if there is an emergency button to contact officials in case of any mishap
  9. Verify the performance of the floor – the time is taken to go to a floor
  10. Verify that in case of power failure, lift doesn’t free-fall and get halted in the particular floor
  11. Verify lifts working in case button to open the door is pressed before reaching the destination floor
  12. Verify that in case door is about to close and an object is placed between the doors if the doors sense the object and again open or not
  13. Verify the time duration for which door remain open by default
  14. Verify if lift interior is having proper air ventilation
  15. Verify lighting in the lift
  16. Verify that at no point lifts door should open while in motion
  17. Verify that in case of power loss, there should be a backup mechanism to safely get into a floor or a backup power supply
  18. Verify that in case multiple floor number button is clicked, lift should stop at each floor
  19. Verify that in case of capacity limit is reached users are prompted with warning alert- audio/visual
  20. Verify that inside lift user are prompted with current floor and direction information the lift is moving towards- audio/visual prompt

Test Case Examples

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