Test Scenarios of Kindle

  1. Verify that the dimensions of the kindle device are as per the specifications.
  2. Verify the screen resolution or the pixel density of the kindle.
  3. Verify that ebooks are easily loaded in kindle.
  4. Verify that the text written is easily readble.
  5. Check the ebook format supported by the device - .azw, .azw3, .mobi, .txt etc.
  6. Verify the number of ebooks that can be stored in the device or the size of the ebooks.
  7. Check if the color of the device is as per the specifications or not.
  8. Verify the quality of the kindle devices's screen.
  9. Check if the screen is anti-glare or not.
  10. Check the font family supported by the device.
  11. Check if there is option to increase font size or not and the functionality works correctly.
  12. Check if there is option to change the screen brigtness/contrast/sharpness and the functionality work correctly.
  13. Check if the touch works fine or not.
  14. Check the battery stand by time and performance when in use.
  15. Check the netwrok connectivity options - 3G or wifi.
  16. Check if charging cable is provided with kindle or not.
  17. Check the power requirement of the device.