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Test Cases for Youtube

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In this post, we will present some test cases for Youtube application. The test scenarios are divided into two sections – test scenarios for video upload and test scenarios for youtube video viewing.

Test Scenarios for Youtube Video Upload Functionality

  1. Verify that the user can upload a single video of the allowed format and size successfully.
  2. Verify that while uploading user should select the video license and type of video along with its attributes like- name, artist name, company, etc.
  3. Verify the maximum size of video that is permitted to upload and check that any attempt to upload a video of size greater than the allowed value results in an error message.
  4. Verify if there is any minimum size of video that is permitted to upload and any attempt to upload a file size less than specified results in the error message.
  5. Verify all the video formats that are allowed to upload – .mp4, .3gp, .avi, etc and check that uploading file formats other than allowed results in the error message.
  6. Verify that uploading a blank file should result in the error message.
  7. Verify that the user can upload multiple videos of the allowed format and size successfully.
  8. Verify that uploaders get notifications of comments posted on the videos uploaded by them.
  9. Verify that users can view likes, dislikes, and comments for their videos.
  10. Verify that users can reply to the comments posted in their videos.


Test scenarios for Youtube Video Viewing Functionality

  1. Verify that the video page can be opened by a direct link to a video.
  2. Verify that on clicking the video play icon over the video, the video should play.
  3. Verify all the video player controls- play, pause, volume, mute, etc.
  4. Verify that the user can select the allowed video quality for playing the video.
  5. Verify that once the video is complete, the user can replay the video using the ‘replay’ icon.
  6. Verify that the video should be searchable by name, displaying the most relevant video on the top of search results.
  7. Verify that other attributes of the video like the artist’s name, and the description should also be searchable.
  8. Verify that the user should get auto suggestions while searching for videos in the youtube search bar.
  9. Verify that search results should display information like video name, thumbnail, video length, view counts, etc.
  10. Verify that clicking the video thumbnails in the search results should lead to the video page.
  11. Verify that video filtering and sorting option while searching for a video like – sort be view count, like, upload date, etc.
  12. Verify that the user can view ‘view count’, ‘comments’, ‘like’, and ‘dislikes’ for a video.
  13. Verify that with each view the ‘view count’ increases by one.
  14. Verify that the user can like or dislike a video and the corresponding count should increase by one.
  15. Verify that the user can comment in the comments section.
  16. Verify that the user should be presented with related videos in the sidebar section.
  17. Verify that the related videos are related to the current video or are based on the past viewing history of the user.
  18. Verify that clicking the related video thumbnail should open the video.
  19. Verify that for age-restricted video, the user is asked to log in to a Youtube account.
  20. Verify that logged-in users should see their history as well as recommended videos on the home page.
  21. Verify that every video viewed goes to history for logged-in users.
  22. Verify that the user can view or delete history items.

With this, we have come to the end of this article on Test cases for Youtube application. Feel free to comment and let us know if we have missed any important test cases.


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  1. Need Test cases for a scenario

    In a mobile application that contains videos, a user can watch the first 15 minutes of any video for free. After 15 minutes are passed, the user has to pay the price for that particular video. Each video has a different price. Write the test cases to test this functionality.


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