Test Scenarios of Whatsapp

In this post, we will present some test scenarios of Whatsapp. Although there would be thousands of test cases for Whatsapp but we are limiting the tests to some of the most common and high-level features.

Please note that the below-mentioned scenarios are for reference only to teach the concept of test scenario writing. The tests are nowhere related to actual Whatsapp’s testing.

  1. Verify that on downloading the Whatsapp application, users can register using a new mobile number.
  2. Verify that for a new mobile number user will get a verification code on his mobile and filling the same verifies the new user account.
  3. Check the maximum number of incorrect attempts allowed while filling the verification code.
  4. Verify that registering an existing mobile number for new user account registration is not allowed.
  5. Verify that on successful registration all the contacts in user’s contact directory get imported to the Whatsapp contact list.
  6. Verify that the user can set DP and status on Whatsapp.
  7. Verify that the user can update the existing DP and Whatsapp status.
  8. Verify that the user can send messages to any individual selected from his contact list.
  9. Verify that ‘Chats’ window contains all the chat list with DP and name and last message preview of the other person with whom chat was initiated.
  10. Verify that clicking a chat in the chat list opens a new window containing all the chats received and sent with the other person.
  11. Verify that the user can check the message delivered and read time for a message in the ‘Message Info’ section.
  12. Verify that the user can share or receive contact with the other person.
  13. Verify that the user can create a group adding multiple people from his contact list.
  14. Verify that the user can send and receive the message in group chats.
  15. Verify that users can send and receive images, audio, video, emoticons in the chat with individuals.
  16. Verify that users can send and receive images, audio, video, emoticons in group chats.
  17. Verify that the user can send and receive chats in secondary languages available.
  18. Verify that users can delete text, images, audio, video messages within a chat.
  19. Verify that users can clear complete chat history in an individual or group chat.
  20. Verify that users can archive chats in an individual or group chat.
  21. Verify that users can block a user to prevent any message from getting received from the blocked contact.
  22. Verify that the user makes WhatsApp calls to the person in his contact list.
  23. Verify that the user can receive WhatsApp calls from person in his contact list.
  24. Verify that users can mark chats as favorite and access all chats marked as favorite from the ‘Favorites’ section.

Chat settings test scenario

  1. Verify that the user can set a chat wallpaper.
  2. Verify that user set privacy settings like turning on/off last seen, online status, read receipts, etc.
  3. Verify that user can update notification settings like – notification sound, on/off, show preview for both group and individual chats.
  4. Verify that the user can take the complete chat backup of his chats.
  5. Verify that the user can update his phone number that is used by the WhatsApp application.
  6. Verify that the user can disable/delete his Whatsapp account.
  7. Verify that the user can check data usage by images, audio, video, and documents in WhatsApp chats.

Test Case Examples

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  1. Sir,
    Testing Type : UAT
    Scenario : Deleting the unwanted messages from the group
    Specification : It is an “Erase” option found in the application but the functionality is a bit traditional i feel, because it is used to erase all the messages in the chat ( group or Single)
    Solution : Add a filter to erase the selective unwanted messages for example from a person or type of message pic / video etc

  2. How to write test scenarios for WhatsApp calling features, both positive and negative test cases with the audio calling feature and video calling feature

  3. How to test chat when 2 individuals are present at 2 different geographical
    to make sure times are getting captured to their respective geo locations

    • Hello Sir,
      your document is really helpful. Can you please provide some negative test scenarios for whats app videocall feature?


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