Test Case Definition with Examples

Test Cases

What is a Test Case?

A test case is a set of conditions for evaluating a particular feature of a software product to determine its compliance with the business requirements. A test case has pre-requisites, input values and expected results in a documented form which cover the different test scenarios.

Test Case Attributes

  1. TestCaseId - A unique identifier of the test case.
  2. Test Summary - One-liner summary of the test case.
  3. Description - Detailed description of the test case.
  4. Prerequisite or pre-condition - A set of prerequisites that must be followed before executing the test steps.
  5. Test Steps - Detailed steps for performing the test case.
  6. Expected result - The expected result in order to pass the test.
  7. Actual result - The actual result after executing the test steps.
  8. Test Result - Pass/Fail status of the test execution.
  9. Automation Status - Identifier of automation - whether the application is automated or not.
  10. Date - The test execution date.
  11. Executed by - Name of the person executing the test case.

For a detailed Test case template in downloadable Xls format, check our tutorial - Test Case Template (Xls).

Test Case Examples

Here, we have compiled test cases for some of the most common software applications like Whatsapp, Google, Youtube along with real-world objects like Pen, Pencil, ATM machine etc.