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Test Cases for Fan

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In this post, we will cover the test cases for fan including test scenarios for the user-interface (look) and functionality (features) of a fan.

PS: These are test scenarios and not test cases. Since the focus here is to understand the different functionalities to be tested instead of actual test cases, so, we have added test scenarios here for faster readability.

  1. Check the type of fan – whether the fan is ceiling fan or table fan
  2. Verify the number of blades on the fan
  3. Verify the ON-OFF functionality of fan
  4. Verify if the fan works normally-throws wind on the right direction
  5. Verify the material of which fan’s blade and other parts are made
  6. Check the voltage/power requirement of the fan
  7. Verify the maximum speed of fan
  8. Check the minimum speed of the fan
  9. Verify that the speed of fan can be regulated using regulator
  10. Verify that when in motion, the fan should not wobble
  11. Check the length of the fan rod and blades
  12. Verify that the weight of the fan is as per the specifications
  13. Verify that the color of the fan is as per the specifications
  14. Check the effect of voltage fluctuation on fan when in motion
  15. Check the effect of sudden electricity outage on fan’s motor and other electrical parts
  16. Verify the fan’s condition when continuously switched on for very large duration
  17. Check if there is any lifetime of fan’s internal parts or the body
  18. Check if the blades of the fan can be bend or not, check if its material is brittle
  19. Check the time taken by fan to attain maximum speed, when switched ON

Test Case Examples

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3 thoughts on “Test Cases for Fan”

  1. 1.Check if the brand label is present on the fan , and it is visible or not
    2.check if any warranty is there or not
    3. Check fan condition when suddenly increasing the maximum speed of the fan

  2. 1)Check if fan is not making noise during ON position.
    2)Check whether anything (object) touch to fan accidently then it should work properly as before.
    3)Check the stability of fan on its maximum speed.

  3. Check area of air blowing
    Verify Fan heats at after long run
    Verify Fan voltage it needed
    Verify how much power consum by fan
    Verify if there is table fan it should be movable in left to right direction
    Verify how much space required for fan


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