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Want to learn software testing but don’t know how to begin? Let us walk you through everything you need to know to start your testing journey.

ArtOfTesting presents free tutorials on different testing topics ranging from manual, automation, and performance testing along with interview preparation for the same.

Here you will find step by step guide to some of the most popular test automation and performance testing tools like – Selenium, Katalon Studio, Cucumber, JMeter, etc.

Learn Testing Online

manual testing

Manual Testing

Our manual testing tutorial resources consist of a step-by-step guide to learn software testing concepts.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Check our beginners to advanced guide to learn different automation tools like – Selenium, Katalon, etc.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Learn different performance testing concepts and step-by-step tutorial series on – the JMeter tool.


Prepare for Interview

Prepare for interviews with our top interview questions on Manual testing, Selenium, JMeter, SQL, and Linux.

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We provide instructor-led online training on manual testing and automation testing using Selenium WebDriver and Katalon Studio.
Contact us for details or check the training pages below.

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