Test Scenarios of Pen

  1. Verify the type of pen, whether it is ball point pen, ink pen or gel pen
  2. Verify the outer body of the pen, whether it should be metallic, plastic or any other material as per the specification
  3. Verify that length, breadth and other size specifications of the pen
  4. Verify the weight of the pen
  5. Verify if the pen is with cap or without cap
  6. Verify if the pen has rubber grip or not
  7. Verify the color of the ink of the pen
  8. Verify the odour of the pen
  9. Verify the size of the tip of the pen
  10. Verify the company name or logo of the maker is correct and at desired place
  11. Verify if the pen is smooth
  12. Verify if the pen's ink gets leaked in case it is tilted upside down
  13. Verify if the pen's gets leaked at higher altitude
  14. Verify the type of surfaces the pen can write at
  15. Verify if the text written by pen is erasable or not
  16. Verify pen's and its ink condition at extreme temperature is as per the specification
  17. Verify the pressure upto which the pen's tip can resist and work correctly
  18. Verify the pen is breakable or not at a certain height as the specification
  19. Verify text written by pen doesn't get faded before a certain time as per the specification
  20. Verify the effect of water, oil and other liquid on the text written by pen
  21. Verify the condition of ink after long period of time is as per permissible specification or not
  22. Verify the total amount of text that can be written by the pen at one go
  23. Verify the pen's ink is waterproof or not
  24. Verify if the pen is able to write when used against the gravity- upside down
  25. Verify that in case of ink pen, the pen's ink can be refilled again