Test Cases for White Board Marker

Hello friends! this article will give you an idea about how to write test scenarios for different products. Starting off with a real-life daily object – a whiteboard marker. Here are a few test scenarios for a whiteboard marker to help you with understanding the concept.

We have to make sure that all possible test cases for marker are covered so as to meet the requirements of the consumer. If you are ever to write such test cases, this article would prove to be immensely useful.

Test Scenarios for Marker

  1.  Verify if the marker’s outer body is made of specified material(plastic, fiber, metal, etc.).

  2. Verify that the marker has the name of the company that manufactured it.

  3. Verify that the logo of the manufacturing company is clearly printed or embossed.

  4. Check if the body of the marker is sturdy, rugged, and unbreakable to an extent.

  5. Check if the outer cover’s color matches with the ink of the marker providing an idea of the marker’s ink just by seeing the outer body.

  6. Check if the bar code is printed so as to identify each marker.

  7. Verify the weight of the marker and the specified weight. Make sure it’s light-weighted (if not specified) for a smooth writing experience.

  8. Check if the body is neither too thick nor too slender for comfortable gripping.

  9. Check if the marker is refillable so as to avoid wastage.

  10. Check the tip of the marker, it should be neither too thin nor flat to assist user comfortability.

  11. Check the smoothness of the marker.

  12. Check if the ink is neither permanent nor getting easily rubbed off. This will ensure easy use of it on whiteboards.

  13. The ink should be eye-pleasing.

  14. The ink should not release any pungent smell.

  15. The life of the marker should be as per the standards.

  16. Verify the refill is of optimum quantity so as to make it cost-effective.

  17. Check if the marker is working even if held at various different angles.

  18. Check if there is slight friction between the tip and the board so as to not make it slippery or uncomfortable while writing.

  19. Check if the ink does not leak if the marker is held in different positions.

  20. The marker should be able to write on boards as well as on similar surfaces like paper.

Test Case Examples

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