Test Cases of TV Remote Control

  1. Verify that all the buttons are present- 0 to 9, volume, channel up-down and other audio-video functionality etc buttons
  2. Verify the functionality of power ON-OFF button
  3. Verify that the Remote Control should work for a particular TV set model numbers only
  4. Verify that user can navigate to different single digit and multi digit channels
  5. Verify that user can increase or decrease the volume
  6. Verify that user can navigate up and down the channel using channel up and down buttons
  7. Verify that functioning of audio-video and other auxillary buttons
  8. Verify the maximum distance from the Television set upto which the remote works smoothly
  9. Verify the button press event that triggers the functionality i.e. an event gets triggered on button down press, button release etc
  10. Verify the arc/different directions the remote control works correctly
  11. Verify the battery requirement of the remote control
  12. Verify the material of the remote’s body and its button
  13. Verify the weight of the remote control
  14. Verify the dimensions of remote control
  15. Verify the spacing between two buttons, the spacing between the two buttons should be optimum distance apart so that user can press a button comfortably
  16. Verify that there should be contrast between button’s color and remote’s outer body color
  17. Verify the remote’s functioning on pressing more than one button simultaneously
  18. Verify that the font – style and size of the numbers and other information should be readable
  19. Verify that on battery discharge, the remote should work normally on inserting new batteries
  20. Verify the pressure required to press the button
  21. Verify the strength of the remote’s outer body, if it works normally on dropping from a certain height
  22. Verify that any operation performed on the remote control while the TV is switched off should not make any difference to TV’s functioning when switched on
  23. Verify if the remote control is water proof or not, if its water proof, check if it works normally after immersing it in water

Test Case Examples

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  1. What will be the Negative Testcase of AC remote on Temperature buttons (+) increase the temperature and (-) decrease the temperature ?


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