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Test Cases for ATM Machine

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Hello Friends! In this post, we will study – how to write test cases for ATM machine. Of course, there are very minuscule chances that you will get to test any ATM machine but if you study these test cases, it can help you in your testing interviews.

Also, it will help you understand the process of test case creation which you can utilize while creating test cases of any kind of application.

A test case has a well-defined format including a test summary, steps to reproduce, expected result, actual result, etc. But here the focus here is to check and cover the different features to be tested instead of creating formal test cases. So we will be presenting test scenarios of ATM machines here instead of test cases

 For a formal test case document template, you can also refer to our post – Test case template (download Xls).

Now, without further delay. Let’s begin with some sample test scenarios for an ATM machine categorized on the basis of different types of testing.

UI Test Scenarios for ATM Machine

The UI test cases cover the testing of the Graphical User Interface of the application under test which is an ATM machine in our case. Some UI test cases for ATM machine are-

  1. Verify that all the labels and controls including text boxes, buttons, images, and links are present on the screen.

  2. Check the informative text written displayed on the screen is clearly visible and legible.

  3. Verify that the size, color, and UI of the different objects are as per the specifications.

  4. Verify that the application’s UI is responsive i.e. it should adjust to different screen resolutions of ATM machines.

Functional Test Scenarios for ATM Machine

The functional test cases are the test cases that involve testing the different functional aspects of the application under test. Following are some functional test cases for an ATM machine-

  1. Verify the type of ATM machine, if it has a touch screen, both keypad buttons only, or both.

  2. Verify that on properly inserting a valid card different banking options appear on the screen.

  3. Check that no option to continue and enter credentials is displayed to the user when the card is inserted incorrectly.

  4. Verify that the touch of the ATM screen is smooth and operational.

  5. Verify that the user is presented with the option to choose a language for further operations.

  6. Check that the user is asked to enter a pin number before displaying any card/bank account detail.

  7. Verify that there is a limited number of attempts up to which the user is allowed to enter the pin code.

  8. Verify that if the total number of incorrect pin attempts gets surpassed then the user is not allowed to continue further. And operations like temporary blocking of the card, etc get initiated.

  9. Check that the pin is displayed in masked form when entered.

  10. Verify that the user is presented with different account type options like- saving, current, etc.

  11. Verify that the user is allowed to get account details like available balance.

  12. Check that the correct amount of money gets withdrawn as entered by the user for cash withdrawal.

  13. Verify that the user is only allowed to enter the amount in multiple denominations as per the specifications.

  14. Verify that the user is prompted to enter the amount again in case the amount entered is less than the minimum amount configured.

  15. Check that the user cannot withdraw more amount than the total available balance and a proper message should be displayed.

  16. Verify that the user is provided the option to get the transaction details in printed form.

  17. Verify that the user’s session timeout is maintained.

  18. Check that the user is not allowed to exceed one transaction limit amount.

  19. Verify that the user is not allowed to exceed the one-day transaction limit amount.

  20. Verify that the user is allowed to do only one transaction per pin request.

  21. Check that in case the ATM machine runs out of money, a proper message is displayed to the user.

  22. Verify that the applicable fee gets deducted along with the withdrawn amount in case the user exceeds the limit of the number of free transactions in a month.

  23. Verify that the applicable fee gets deducted along with the withdrawn amount in case the user uses a card of a bank other than that of an ATM.

  24. Check that the user is not allowed to proceed with the expired ATM card and that a proper error message gets displayed.

  25. Verify that in case of sudden electricity loss before withdrawing cash, the transaction is marked as null and the amount is not withdrawn from the user’s account.


This concludes our post on the test cases for ATM machine. I hope these sample test scenarios will not only help you in your interviews but will also help you in understanding the test case creation process. Please let us know in the comments, in case we have missed out on any important test cases.

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