Test Scenarios of Computer Mouse

  1. Check if the mouse is optical mouse or not
  2. Verify that left click and right click buttons are working fine
  3. Check if double click is working fine
  4. Verify the time duration between two left clicks, in order to consider it as double click
  5. Check if scroller is present at the top or not
  6. Verify the speed of mouse pointer
  7. Check the pressure required for clicking the mouse buttons
  8. Verify the acceleration of mouse pointer
  9. Verify that clicking the button and dragging the mouse operation is working fine(drag and drop functionality)
  10. Check the dimension of the mouse, if its suitable to grip and work
  11. Verify that mouse works in all the allowed surfaces
  12. Check if the mouse is wireless mouse or corded mouse
  13. In case of wireless mouse, check the range upto which the mouse remains operational
  14. In case of wireless mouse, check the battery requirement of the mouse
  15. Check if there is option to switch on or mouse