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Test Cases for Door

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In this article, we are sharing some test case for Door. Please be informed that these are test scenarios and not test cases. Since the focus here is to understand the different functionalities to be tested instead of actual test cases, so, we have added test scenarios here for faster readability.

  1. Verify if the door is single door or bi-folded door.

  2. Check if the door opens inwards or outwards.

  3. Verify that the dimension of the doors are as per the specifications.

  4. Verify that the material used in the door body and its parts is as per the specifications.

  5. Verify that color of the door is as specified.

  6. Verify if the door is sliding door or rotating door.

  7. Check the position, quality and strength of hinges.

  8. Check the type of locks in the door.

  9. Check the number of locks in the door interior side or exterior side.

  10. Verify if the door is having peek-hole or not.

  11. Verify if the door is having stopper or not.

  12. Verify if the door closes automatically or not – spring mechanism.

  13. Verify if the door makes noise when opened or closed.

  14. Check the door condition when used extensively with water.

  15. Check the door condition in different climatic conditions- temperature, humidity etc.

  16. Check the amount of force- pull or push required to open or close the door.

Test Case Examples

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  1. The article is very well covered with lot of examples.
    Can we put any test scenarios for pagination functionality, currency conversion functionality?

  2. How would we split these test cases into positve and negative test cases? I was asked during a mock interview today to describe positive and negative test cases for a cup and I was stumped.


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