QA Interview Questions

In this post, we have compiled an exhaustive list of some of the most frequently asked QA/testing interview questions ranging from manual, automation and performance testing to database and SQL query interview questions.

Although Quality Assurance and testing are different operations, with QA being process-driven and testing being an activity, we do to ensure Quality Control, still, most of the people work in a dual role of QA Engineer and Tester. So, these interview questions will hold good for both QAs and Testers.

Manual Testing

Automation Testing

  • 100+ Selenium interview questions and answers – Check over 100 interview questions on Selenium Test Suite. These questions range from basic theoretical concepts to advanced concepts on design patterns and frameworks.
  • Top TestNG interview questions and answers – Automation testing interview preparation is never complete without interview questions on testing frameworks like – TestNG. These interview questions will alos help in understanding the different features of TestNG.

Database – SQL

  • Top 20 SQL queries asked in interviews – Here, we have compiled a list of top 20 SQL queries asked in interviews. We have started with simple queries like Group by, having, joins, etc and then as the post progresses, we have moved to advanced SQL queries like finding nth highest Salary.
  • Top 50 DBMS interview questions with answers – Check our comprehensive list of top 50 DBMS interview questions that challenge your database knowledge, independent of any DBMS.
  • Top SQL Joins interview questions with answers – Prepare for your SQL interviews with our list of frequently asked SQL joins interview questions for both beginners as well as experienced professionals.

Performance Testing

  • Top JMeter interview questions and answers – Prepare for your Performance testing and JMeter interviews with our top 25 JMeter interview questions and answers. The interview questions cover both theoretical as well as practical questions on performance testing using JMeter.


  • Linux interview questions and answers – Since Linux is free and secure, hence, it is the automatic choice of Operating System for the vast majority of applications. So, as a QA you are supposed to know the basics of Linux and usage of some of its most frequently used commands. Here, we have compiled the top 50 Linux interview questions and answers designed specifically for beginners.

Software Engineering

  • Software Engineering interview questions – The knowledge of software engineering is the common requirement for both developers and QAs. So, these software engineering interview questions will help you in your QA interviews as well.

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    • Thanks Pavithra. Apart from the basic questions which are meant for informational purpose, most of the questions are asked in real interview. But I got your suggestion, soon I will be starting a user-provided interview questions list.

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