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Test Case Template with Example (Download Xls)

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Hello friends! In this post we will present a test case template in Excel/spreadsheet, describing the use of each field in detail.

Ideally, a test case management tool should be used for managing the test cases and test execution cycles. But for smaller projects, many organizations still prefer to use spreadsheets for avoiding the overhead of maintaining and configuring a tool.

So, let’s begin.

What is a Test Case?

A Test Case is a document containing a series of actions executed to verify the different features of an application. A test case has fields like test steps, test data, preconditions, expected results, actual results, test execution status, etc. A tester executes these test cases and marks them as pass and fail.

What is a Test Case Template?

Most organizations want to maintain uniformity across different projects, be it during the development phase or the testing phase.
In order to follow a uniform testing process, a test case template is defined which is nothing but a template that contains the different fields that the test cases should have.

Now, we will see the different fields of a test case – both mandatory as well optional.


This field uniquely identifies a test case. It is mapped with automation scripts(if any) to keep track of automation status. The same field can be used for mapping with the test scenarios for generating a traceability matrix. E.g. – GoogleSearch_1


This field specifies the specific component or module that the test case belongs to. E.g. – Search_Bar_Module.


This field is used to specify the priority of the test case. Normally the conventional followed for specifying the priority is either High/Medium/Low or P0/P1/P2/P3, etc with P0 being the most critical.


In this field describe the test case in brief. E.g. – Verify that when a user writes a search term and presses enter, search results should be displayed.


In this field specify the conditions or steps that must be followed before the test steps execution e.g. – “Browser is launched”.

Test Steps

In this field, we mention each and every step for performing the test case. The test steps should be clear and unambiguous e.g.-

  • Write the URL – https://google.com in the browser’s URL bar and press enter.
  • Once google.com is launched, write the search term – “Apple” in the Google search bar.
  • Press enter and observe the search results.

Test Data

In this field, we specify the test data used in the test steps. E.g. in the above test step example, we could use the search term-“apple” as test data.

Expected Result

This step marks the expected result after the test step execution. This is used to assert the test case. E.g. search results related to ‘apple’ should be displayed.

Actual Result

In this step, we specify the actual result after the test step execution. E.g. – search results with the ‘apple’ keyword were displayed.

Status/Test Result

In this step, we mark the test case as pass or fail based on the expected and actual results. Possible values can be – Pass, Fail, or Not executed.

Test Executed by

In this field, we specify the tester’s name who executed the test case and marked the test case as pass or fail.

Apart from these mandatory fields, there are many optional fields that can be added as the organization or application needs like-

  • Automation status – For marking if a test case is automated or not.

  • TestScenarioId – For a mapping test case with its test scenario.

  • AfterTest step – For specifying any step required to be executed after performing the test case.

  • TestType – To specify if the test comes under any specific testing category like regression, sanity, smoke, etc.

Test Case Template Xls Free Download

Now you can download the test case template in Xls format. Along with the template, we have also provided a sample test case for your reference.

Test case template Xls

This completes our tutorial on the test case template. Feel free to use this template in your project and let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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