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WebPage – Definition, Elements and Types

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Ever thought what are these screens that we keep switching on a website?

Is there a term for these dynamic screens? How do we shift from one screen to another? Today all such questions will be answered in this article, so keep reading.

Whenever we open a page through a website, such as the one you reading right now, it is a part of the website itself. This screen is called a webpage or simply a page. The webpage is part of a website which in turn is a part of the internet.

Let us read what is a Webpage. In detail.

What is a WebPage?

A webpage is an HTML document provided by any website that gets displayed on your web browser. A website has not only one but a group of interlinked web pages. These web pages have information, graphics, video content, etc.

In other words, the webpage is just a page from a large book – a website that is part of a library – the internet.

For example – you may or may not have heard of words like website, HTML, and other keywords. So, let me simplify the concept of the webpage by explaining these keywords.

Web browser

A web browser is an application through which all the websites are accessed. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are examples of some common web browsers. It is the web browser that renders the HTML of a particular webpage you searched.


HyperText Markup Language is helpful for the structure and design of any webpage. It just provides the primary structure that is assisted by more advanced programming languages like javascript and Django.


A website is a collection of web pages that are interlinked under a single domain name- that is if the website. This website may be represented by a single industry, an educational institute, an individual, or any other organization.   For example- Facebook is a website that has numerous web pages.


Each of us has a different address for our home. An address defines where we live. Similarly, a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address locator of each webpage or website. URL is also commonly called the web address.

Once we enter the URL of any webpage or website on the web browser the page appears on the screen. Just like our home addresses, each web page has a unique URL.

Elements of a WebPage

Each website has its own set of web pages and they all differ from each other. However, each of them contains some common elements. Here is a list of these elements that make up a webpage.

  1. The logo or website’s name is at the top. The placement is not of importance. It defines the webpage that belongs to which website.

  2. The search bar allows users to search for related information on a particular page or the whole website.

  3. Under it are placed the breadcrumbs. These help the reader to locate where they are on the website and help them to locate the previous page or the home page.

  4. The title or the heading of the webpage should be placed. It should be with the HTML <h1> tag.

  5. Under it starts the content is divided into different paragraphs to maintain clarity. These paragraphs may be placed under different headings. These headings can be created with tags <h2> to <h6> according to their importance.

  6. Many informative web pages include a link for feedback. A good webpage will always ask the reader if the information was useful or not.

  7. In the end, comes the footer. The footer includes the name and any other information about the website.

  8. The copyright and legal notice must be mentioned at the end of each website. This prevents the information available from any theft of content. This ensures the information provided remains unique.

How to Open a WebPage?

Once you have a stable web browser installed on your device, opening a web page isn’t difficult.

Follow these steps to open a webpage.

  1. Load the web browser available on your device.

  2. Enter the URL of the website you are looking for.

  3. The alternative to this is to enter the website’s name(domain name) into the search bar/ search engine.

  4. You can also copy-paste the link if available directly onto the search bar. The web browser will automatically navigate you to the corresponding web page or site.

Overview of a WebPage URL

what is a webpage

1. Protocol – The protocol is the foremost thing in any URL. It is used by the browser to request information from the resource.

2. Domain name – The domain name is the name of the website that has the web page you want to view. It is the face value of the organization that is operating it.

3. Webpage – The webpage name defines which part of the website you are currently on.

4. Anchor – This is defined by a ‘#’ and is used to represent that the page is related to the resource. The anchor is somewhere present inside the page itself. There is no need to request the server to load it.


With this, we have come to the end of this article on – What is a webpage?

The Internet is a vast space with almost thousands of websites. These websites have, even more, almost uncountable web pages. Therefore, to ease this URL has been created. Also, you do not need to search specifically for the URLs of each webpage.

There are always too many links on the page that will lead you to the content of your choice. So always look carefully for such hyperlinks within the web page. Keep learning!

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