Test Scenarios of Flight Reservation System

  1. Verify that there is portal to add new flights in the sytem.
  2. Verify that on filling flight details like flight name, code, from and to destinations, capacity, timings and frequency etc, new filghts get successfully added in the system.
  3. Verify that user can search for flights by name, from-to airports or flight code for checking their status and timings.
  4. Verify that search results have flight details, timings and availability.
  5. Verify that clicking the search results open complete details for flight.
  6. Verify that user should see realtime flight status of availability of seats.
  7. Verify that user is presented with graphical view of the airline's sitting arrangement along with seat number and availability status.
  8. Verify that pricing of different types of seats is displayed to the users.
  9. Verify that user can successfuly select single or more than one seat.
  10. Verfiy that user cannnot select or is not permitted to select seats that are already booked or not allowed for booking.
  11. Verify that after selecting seats, entering passenger details and making payment the selected seats get booked.
  12. Verify that on successful booking the ticket should be visible and downloadable.
  13. Verify that after successful booking the seat's stuatus is updated to booked.
  14. Verify that user also receive confirmation mail along with tickets on the emailIds provided while filling the details.
  15. Verify the maximum limit of seats that a user can book, selecting more seats than permiited results in error message.
  16. Verify that all the different types of payment methods work fine.
  17. Verify that user is presented with additional options like- luggage, extra leg room, foods/beverages etc and selecting the same results in additional cost with the booking amount.
  18. Verify that user can also cancel the tickets booked by entering the mandatory details and the amount after deducting the cancellation fee gets refunded back to user.
  19. Verify that after cancellation the seat's status is updated to available.