Difference between Web Application and Desktop Application

Difference between Web Application and Desktop Application

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In this tutorial, we will see the difference between a web application and a desktop application.

A web application is an application stored at a remote server. It requires a web browser to run and the internet for data or resource transfer.

Whereas, a desktop application is an application designed to serve standalone machines that don’t require the internet for its operation.

Web Application vs Desktop Application

Web ApplicationsDesktop Applications
Deployment and up-gradation for a web-based application require deployment on a single set of server machines.Deployment and any up-gradation/patch are done on individual client machines separately.
Web applications can be accessed from anywhere, so there is no location constraint.As desktop are confined to a standalone machine, so they can be only accessed from the machines they are deployed in.
Web applications are platform-independent, they can work in different types of platforms with the only requirement of a web browser.Desktop applications need to be developed separately for different platform machines.
Web applications are at higher security risks as they are inherently designed to increase accessibility.Desktop applications, on the other hand, have better authorization and administrators have better control, hence more secure.
Web applications rely heavily on internet connectivity, for there operation.Desktop applications don’t require the internet for their operations. Some applications just require internet connectivity at the time of updations.

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