Difference Between Waterfall and Agile

The Waterfall methodology is a software development methodology that is based on the sequential-linear approach of software development. In the case of the Waterfall model, all the software development activities are divided into different phases namely – Requirement Gathering & Analysis, System Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance. All these phases are performed sequentially in the given order.

Whereas Agile Methodology is based on an incremental-iterative approach where the requirements of the complex projects are divided into smaller iterations involving collaboration between the different stakeholders of the project. In each iteration, a deliverable is developed, tested and demonstrated to the client.

Agile vs Waterfall

The waterfall methodology is sequential and linear.Agile methodology is incremental and iterative.
Requirements have to be frozen at the beginning of SDLC.Requirements are expected to change and changes are incorporated at any point.
The working model of software is delivered at the later phases of SDLC.The working model is delivered during the initial phases and successive iteration of the model is delivered to the client for feedback.
It is difficult to scale-up projects based on waterfall methodology.Scaling up of products is easy because of the iterative approach.
Customers or end-user doesn’t have a say after the requirements are frozen during the initial phases. They only get to know the product once it is built completely.Frequent customer interaction and feedbacks are involved in agile methodology.
Waterfall requires formalized documentations.In agile documentation is often neglected and a working prototype serves as the basis for customer evaluation and feedback.
Testing is performed once the software is built.Continuous testing is performed during each iteration.

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