Types of Network

Types of computer network

In today’s world, we are connected through a mesh of networks. From printing, surfing, accessing the internet, and even downloading …

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what is email

An Email is a CMC that stands for Computer-Mediated communication. Emails have become one of the fastest and most economical …

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Data Warehouse

data warehouse

In today’s business environment and data-driven world, organizations have a lot more data than ever before. This huge collection of …

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Application of DBMS

Full Form of Computer

In the modern world, every application uses data, and the most common and efficient way to manage and store this …

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Data Mining

data mining

We are living in a data-driven world, the more we get dependent upon technology the more the data is generated. …

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Functions of Computer

Functions of computer

Nowadays, computers are coming in various shapes and sizes and mostly fit everyone’s budgets. According to the definition of a …

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Operating System

operating system

Have you ever wondered how you are able to control the various parts of a computer system? i.e. Mouse, Keyboard, …

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