IOS APP Automation tools

Hello friends! in this post, we will present the different ios application automation tools. We will analyze each tool and present its features and limitations.


  • Appium is open source tool for automating mobile, native and hybrid applications on both android and ios.
  • It supports scripting in languages – Java, Ruby, C#, Python etc.
  • It is cross-platform which enables code reuse across android and ios test suites.
  • Download Link – Appium Official Site.


  • Calabash is free open-source tool provided by Xamarin.
  • It is used for automating both android and ios applications.
  • It can be integrated with Cucumber to provide test cases in Given-When-Then format.
  • Although cucumber is advised for integrating with Calabash but it supports automation in any Ruby based framework.
  • Download Link – Calabash website.


  • Frank is an open source tool provided by moredip.
  • It can be used to automate acceptance tests for native iOS applications.
  • It is based on Cucumber. So, the test cases are written in BDD style i.e. Given-When-Then format.
  • Download link – Frank Github.


  • EggPlant is a paid tool for automating android, ios, windows phone and BlackBerry applications.
  • It uses image-based approach for UI automation.
  • A single script created in eggPlant can be used for different mobile devices.
  • Download Link – Download the free trial from Eggplant website.


  • Ranorex is a paid tool for automating android, ios as well as windows applications.
  • It has record and playback features.
  • It provides drag and drops as well as programming using C# and VB scripts. So, both programmers and non-programmers can use it for scripting.
  • Download Link – You can download the trial version from Ranorex website.

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