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Having a certification can help in building more credibility, getting a competitive advantage, and of course updating your skills. In the testing domain, one of the most common certifications is the ISTQB certification. Let’s see what ISTQB is along with the different levels of the certification, its benefits, and some resources to pass the certification exam.

ISTQB Full Form

This well-known acronym from the world of software engineering expands to the full form- International Software Testing Qualification Board.

What is ISTQB?

ISTQB is an organization trusted for certification of software testing or software quality assurance from a professional angle. 

With its official registration in Belgium, ISTQB is a non-profit organization, which was established in 2002 with the objective of providing standardized qualification to the software testers all around the globe. Representing 80 nations of the world, ISTQB consists of 58 member boards. 

As compared to the other similar organization, ISCB (International Software Certification Board), ISTQB is more recent, and hence more advanced. The board offers a hierarchical chain of qualifications to the candidates which are to be cleared based on the priorly fixed respective syllabi. 

Why should we do ISTQB exam certification?

With the growing fact that software is getting densely webbed and more complicated these days, in terms of coding or programming, the task of software testing is also getting far more technical and requires nothing less than a specialization in the respective field. ISTQB grants you that required tag of ‘expert’ in this ground. 

It is one of the very few certifications which are recognized and valued in so many countries of the world. Having such a certificate will boost up your confidence and give you an edge over your competitors while simultaneously helping you in the application of your skills in your practical work.

It will take you to a higher step in your career and you would be able to use the ‘certified tester’ logo with pride. If you are associated with some testing company, a number of certified testers in your team can help your company earn more revenue by imparting more professional services.

Who can give the ISTQB exam?

You or me, anyone can appear for an ISTQB exam, for there are no prerequisites and no set of fixed qualifications to be able to take this test. It does not require any mandatory work experience. Your interest and professional knowledge about software testing is your eligibility. Any member from the software family, viz., software developers, software analysts, QA testers, test engineers, etc. can take the foundation level test. And for the advanced level, the eligibility is having cleared the foundation level test.

Levels of ISTQB certification

As mentioned above, the board offers us various levels of qualifications, which are explained in brief: 

  • Foundation Level: This exam is to be compulsorily cleared in case you are aiming at qualification in Advanced levels. This test familiarises you with the basics of software testing. So even if you are into some ancillary fields like, project managers or quality managers, IT directors, etc., there is no harm in taking up this foundation test, rather it will add up to your skills, which may help you in your line of work.

  • Advanced Level: If you are about to reach the peak of your career in software testing, this is a test for you. This advanced level test would grant you in-depth knowledge of this field and introduce you to the minutest details of quality assurance testing from a practical aspect. This may sound difficult, but if you are passionate about your job, this is going to be interesting and beneficial. Needless to mention, only foundation level qualification holders are eligible for advanced level qualification.

  • Expert: This level further expands your knowledge after the advanced level by taking you in-depth knowledge of further sub-subjects of the testing subject. Owning such a certificate can assure you guaranteed success in your career, in terms of both knowledge and recognition.

How to take ISTQB certification?

You have to create your account at the official site that conducts the ISTQB examination. Once you are logged in, you can choose the desired date on which you wish to appear for your test. After the date, choose your testing center out of the list of testing centers near you. There is a registration fee of US $199. Select the date, time and venue carefully, as there are chances of the imposition of cancellation charges. 

How to prepare for the ISTQB exam?

  • The more time and effort you put in, the greater your score! But there are various online courses at affordable prices to help you out. 

  • If you are not an online study person, you can purchase related books, like “Foundation of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification” which is written by Rex Black and Dorothy Graham. 

  • Make sure you know the contents of your syllabus and start preparing accordingly. Practicing sample papers is a must. 

  • Check out for the use of technical jargon in previous papers and work on the glossary.

  • Keeping the time limit in mind is very very important. Keep your stopwatch set while giving mock tests to speed up.

  • Go through the important topics again when the date of your exam comes near. 

  • Understanding the concepts rather than memorizing them will help you score better.


So here is all you need to know about ISTQB and ISTQB certification. The certificate is internationally recognized, it can turn your career in a new and better direction, so decide wisely.

If you are planning to get certified, it is a smart choice and there is nothing to worry about. It is not difficult to win this exam, all you need to have is an interest in your subject and a love for software testing. All the best!

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