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Tools and Resources Review

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Here you can find reviews of the best testing tools in the market for manual, automation, and performance testing.

Along with that, we will review some of the available resources and platforms to learn software testing.

Top Tools

ab testing tools

10+ Best A/B Testing Tools To Boost Your Website’s Performance

Businesses have different sets of customers. Hence, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to create an optimal website, craft compelling content, or make the most effective product for their customers. This is where the role of A/B testing tools comes into play.  These tools help you test and optimize your website, product, copy, etc., and offer … Read more
Integration Testing Tools

10 Best Integration Testing Tools to Write Integration Tests

Software testing is an integral aspect of software development to ensure that software products meet the quality standards and end-user requirements. It takes place at four levels, for example, unit or system-level testing. Among all levels, integration testing is the second one. It is a software testing type that logically ingrates an application’s modules and … Read more
Test Management Tool

10 Best Test Management Tools For Simplified Testing

Software testing is an inevitable phase in the development process. It ensures that a product under development does not contain any errors or bugs, complies with the specified quality standards, and meets the user-specified requirements.  Well, software testing is lengthy and time-consuming. It involves test planning, test case development, test case execution, and reporting test … Read more

Opkey – The SaaS-based Test Automation Tool

Opkey is a next generation test automation tool that accelerates and reinvents testing for web, mobile, and ERP applications. Opkey aims to simplify the testing process by providing a user-friendly interface for test automation, decreasing the requirement for substantial coding skills. Opkey accelerates test creation by 5X-8X compared to other automation tools. With its Artificial-Test-Intelligence … Read more

pCloudy Review

The process of developing a mobile application is not complete until we are sure of its smooth working on various kinds of devices but practically it is almost impossible to test a newly developed mobile application on each and every mobile device existing in our target market. To ease this diverse testing problem, there are … Read more
software testing tools

Top Software Testing Tools to Streamline Testing

Software testing is crucial for software development while also being tedious and time-consuming when performed manually. However, the inception of software testing tools has streamlined and simplified the testing process.  Earlier, without testing tools, testers would spend hours validating an application’s single feature. However, the scenario is different today with software testing tools. They have … Read more

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