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A testing blog where you can find the review of the best testing tools in the market for manual, automation, and performance testing. Also, you will get to know about the latest happenings in the QA world along with best practices and tips to become a better QA professional.

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  • How to Start Learning Java?
    Why should you learn Java? Java is amongst the most sustainable programming languages that continues to develop to date. It follows the “develop once, run anywhere” rule. Java is commonly …

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  • OpKey – The SaaS-based Test Automation Tool
    With the coming of new-age technologies, automation testing has also taken a better and superior form with the upcoming platforms. While there are numerous testing platforms in the market, we …

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  • Defect Triage
    In this article, we will be targeting all the points that you need to know about defect triage. But before jumping to the article I’m expecting you are familiar with …

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  • Game Testing
    Due to the popularity of attractive video games and the availability of technical advancements, organizations come up with new games every year. The video game industry is a billion-dollar market …

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  • Banking Domain Application Testing
    Hello friends! in this article, we are going to learn about banking application testing. Before starting with the testing part, let’s first learn about the banking process. Today, every product …

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  • Shift Left Testing and Shift Right Testing Approaches
    This tutorial discusses two important testing approaches i.e. Shift Left testing and Shift Right testing. Let’s first look at the ‘Shift Left’ testing approach. Traditional Testing Traditionally, for example, in …

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This section contains articles that will help you with tips and strategies to ramp-up your testing career.

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Here, we have listed the different testing tools along with their features, reviews, and our recommendation.

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