Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

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Hello friends! in this article, we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without the Internet. It was introduced a few years back and is here to stay. With each coming day, the internet is being evolved into something different. Various web-based technologies are coming in, and we cannot be less thankful.

However, the Internet is a place that can be helpful if used wisely. Or could be the cause of destruction.

Advantages of Internet

Information and Learning

The Internet is the hub of all the information. The data available on the web is so vast and varied. One can learn and educate themselves with the help of information. There are various search engines available like – Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go etc. These search engines can answer any questions or queries within seconds. They collect and present all the information available on a single page. In today’s times, the internet is the source of knowledge.

Connectivity and sharing

The internet is the reason why the world is a small place to live. It was earlier when communication was a lengthy process. A letter used to take several days to reach the receiver. Now, social apps are connecting everyone. For example, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, etc. One can connect to their loved ones and dear ones from any part of the world. This happens within seconds and with zero interruption.

Just not family and friends, the internet is also a place to meet and interact with new people. We can make friends and have conversations with like-minded people.


Buying and selling of goods over the electronic network is e-commerce. These virtual shops on the internet have received a great response over the past few years. These virtual commercial platforms have been earning huge profits. The main reason behind this success is less investment and greater returns. The shops are accessible to everyone from all around the world. There are no worries about the time limit as these are open 24×7 online. Such features have boosted small businesses as well.

The internet has been a boon to small vendors. They can now sell their products to people from all around the world. The concept of online shopping has been a great and thoughtful initiative. The vendors, as well as shoppers both, have benefitted from it.


Transferring huge funds or money electronically is e-banking. Even banks have now chosen the online methods of transferring money, creating accounts, and other banking works. The internet has made banking easier and hassle-free. Therefore, one does not need to stand in long queues anymore. E-banking is much faster, easier, and safer.

E-banking has helped clients in showing all the current or pending statuses online thus saving huge time of visiting the bank. One can access its account from any part of the world. Being physically present is no more a compulsion. Thus, e-banking has been one of the biggest revolutions introduced through the internet.


The internet is the source of endless entertainment and is known to everyone. Be it YouTube videos, online movie apps, or OTT platforms. There is no limit to sources of entertainment. There are several social media platforms like Instagram to stay connected. In addition, you can listen to or download music from music websites, download games or play online, and much more. Thus Internet has become the center of our world when it comes to entertainment.

Disadvantages of Internet

Unreliable news and information

With the internet being so vast and full of information there are so many sources of rumors and false information. Therefore, it’s hard to keep up with real news. One cannot trust any news or information anymore. This unreliable news is not limited to unknown sources.  Many known websites have made the Internet a medium to spread lies and fake news to gain popularity. As a result, it is hard to differentiate between fake and real information.

We have reached this problem as the internet is accessible to anyone and everyone. And thus, it is hard to keep track of these fake news circulations.

A waste of time and creator of distractions

With the internet being so helpful people are now completely dependent on computers. This has made people waste their time on unnecessary surfing, playing games, watching movies, and using excessive social media platforms.

The Internet can be very addictive, for any age group. It causes distraction and makes us procrastinate our work. It is always advised to use computers only when needed.


Breach of contracts, stealing, fraud, etc is all major concerns when working on the internet. People become victim to these hackers that steal money from the accounts in absence of everyone’s knowledge.

Internet is also used to conduct identity thefts. Identity theft means stealing personal information for means of personal use. It can be used to steal money or to hide behind other’s identities.

Pornographic and violent content

The internet has no shortage of information. But, some of this information is neither appropriate for under-age kids nor young people.

Such images and videos can damage a developing mind. Therefore, it is advised to only search for information that is required instead of unnecessary surfing.


Cyberbullying is now very common amongst youngsters and teenagers. Any person with a different or unpopular opinion is cyberbullied with hate messages and comments. The presence of such young kids on social media platforms is the reason why cyberbullying rate is increasing. Being anonymous on the internet is now a privilege for this generation. But one should be careful and super cautious.


To sum up, I would say every facility or privilege comes with its advantage and disadvantage. It is always up to us how we decide to use it to benefit us. To avoid repercussions of the Internet-

  • Limit your screen time to keep your health in check
  • Be cautious and alert of online frauds
  • Do not share personal information on unreliable platforms
  • Browse only kid-friendly sites in front of under-aged children.
  • Do not get lured by unnecessary offers and deals available on the internet.

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