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Opkey is a next generation test automation tool that accelerates and reinvents testing for web, mobile, and ERP applications. Opkey aims to simplify the testing process by providing a user-friendly interface for test automation, decreasing the requirement for substantial coding skills. Opkey accelerates test creation by 5X-8X compared to other automation tools. With its Artificial-Test-Intelligence (TM) engine, reusable and resilient tests can be created significantly faster and maintained painlessly.  

Opkey is shaping the future of test automation, with 30,000+ pre-built test cases across 15+ ERPs and 150+ technologies, prominent citations from industry analysts like IDC, Gartner, and Forrester, as well as the top ranking in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Opkey Features

Reduce testing time with pre-built library of automated test cases

Opkey offers an unmatched automated testing experience, with fully automated 15,000+ prebuilt reusable automation components and pre-configured test scenarios, across multiple ERP packages.

Faster test creation with no-code Process Builder

With Opkey’s simple drag and drop interface, anyone can build codeless, resilient automated tests. Intuitive enough for any non-technical employee to use.

Test Discovery

Opkey’s test mining engine plugs into your environment to immediately discover your legacy tests. Opkey also mines your process logs to identify gaps in testing coverage.

Complete end-to-end test automation solution 

From Opkey’s intuitive interface, you can quickly define end-to-end tests on numerous technologies (API, UI, mobile, mainframe, web, etc.), analyze test results, and automatically update test cases as the application expands.

Self healing test scripts

Every time a business process is updated, Opkey’s self-healing functionality instantly fixes any broken tests with a single click, cutting down on test maintenance work by 80%.

Omnichannel testing at  scale

Test Automation for Desktop, Mobile, and Web Services -All in One Script: Automate web apps, mobile apps, and web services within just a single Opkey script.

Continuous Integration

Opkey integrates easily with various CI/CD tools (Bamboo, Jenkins, BitBucket) and ALM tools like (TFS, HP QC/ALM, Jira, VSTS, etc).

Analysis and Reporting

Opkey produces graphical reports, debugging logs, and screenshots. The tool offers a simple dashboard for extracting real-time data. Reports that are easy to read and detailed can be extracted and shared with stakeholders.

Get Started with Opkey

Is there a specific system requirement to work with Opkey?

Although Opkey supports a number of web browsers and desktop applications, you don’t need to configure several settings on your local machine; the prerequisite is JDK (version 8 or above), which must be installed on your machine to run web applications. Also, you need Opkey Execution Agent & Opkey Smart Recorder installed on your machine for execution and recording through Opkey.

With Opkey’s interactive and self-descriptive interface, even a new user can easily interact with UI content. After the successful creation of your Opkey Web account, the user needs to log in to his/her registered Opkey Domain (Server URL) and select the project on which you want to start working. 

 Start with Opkey! Happy testing.

Opkey: You've Never Seen Test Automation Like This Before


Opkey is the best tool for measuring the value of test automation. Excellent tool for those with limited coding knowledge. Opkey has a track record of delivering solutions that increase ROI, and shorten testing times. Serving worldwide with 250 enterprise clients, and headquartered in Dublin, California, with offices in NYC, Pittsburgh, India, and Australia.

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