Acceptance Testing

acceptance testing

What is Acceptance Testing?

Acceptance testing is the final level of software testing where the system is tested for compliance to its business requirements. It is performed by the client or the end users with the intent to see if the product is fit for delivery. It can be both formal as well as informal. ArtOfTesting

Formal acceptance testing is carried out by the client's representatives and the informal or adhoc one is carried out by a subset of potential users who check functionality as well as features like usability of the product.
It is carried out after system testing and before the final delivery to the client.

Types of Acceptance Testing

Alpha Testing

  • Alpha testing is the form of acceptance testing that takes place at the developer's site.
  • It can be carried out by both in-house developers and QAs as well as the potential end users as well.
  • Alpha testing is not open to the world.
  • These tests can also be white box along with black box tests.

Beta Testing

  • Beta testing is the form of acceptance testing that takes place at the customer's or the end user's site.
  • It is performed after alpha testing and in the real world environment without the presence or control of developers.
  • Beta tests or the beta version of the application are normally open to the whole world (or client)
  • These tests are only black box.