Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing Definition

Alpha testing is a type of User Acceptance Testing or internal acceptance testing conducted by the testing team at the developer's site to ensure that application's business requirement are met before releasing it to client or end user. It is carried out in the later phase of software development using both black box and white box testing techniques.

Features of Alpha Testing

  1. It is performed by testing professionals unlike beta testing which is performed by potential users.
  2. It is performed at the developer's site.
  3. It involves both black box as well as white box testing techniques.
  4. It is carried out in a closely monitored testing environment.
  5. It has longer testing cycle as compared to beta testing.

Advantages of Alpha Testing

  1. Since it is a form of acceptance testing, so it help in validating application with the business requirements.
  2. As the testing takes placed in a controlled testing environment, defect can be reproduced easily.
  3. Defect resolution is faster in Alpha testing as compared to beta testing.