Test Strategy Document

What is Test Strategy?

A Test Strategy is a high-level document describing the way testing will be carried out. In a test strategy document, we document the test objectives and set of guidelines for achieving those objectives. It is presented by the project manager to all the stakeholders in the testing process. It can have a scope of an entire organization or a particular project.

Test Strategy Approaches

The the different apporaches to test strategy are-

  1. Analytical Approach - Based on the risk analysis
  2. Model-based Approach - Based on the various statistical models
  3. Consultative Approach - Based on the consultation with technology or domain experts
  4. Methodical Approach - Based on the experience
  5. Heuristic Approach - Based on the exploratory techniques
  6. Standard-compliant Approach - Based on the industry standards and processes

Test Strategy Document Template

A test strategy document can contain the following fields-

  • Test Strategy Id - An identifier of the test strategy document and its various versions.
  • Introduction - A brief introduction to the purpose and scope of the document.
  • Standards to use - The different standards or set of guidelines to be followed.
  • Risks and Mitigations - The different risks associated with in testing and their mitigation strategies.
  • Entry Critieria - The set of pre-requisite that must be performed before testing can start.
  • Exit Critieria - The criteria defining when the testing can be stopped.
  • Test design techniques - The test design techniques to be used like - equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis etc.
  • Test environment - The test environment specifications.
  • Configuration management of testware - Specification of the right version of testware for testing.
  • Test process improvement - The apporaches to use for improving the test process.
  • Approvals - The persons approving the test strategy document.