Katalon Studio setup and installation

Katalon Studio setup and installation

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In this tutorial, we are going to check the setup and installation part of Katalon Studio. Katalon’s installation is pretty straightforward and common to different operating systems. For this tutorial, the steps mentioned and screenshots refer to Katalon setup on Windows 7 machine.

Steps to setup Katalon Studio on Windows machine

Step#1. Go to Katalon Studio official website – Katalon Studio

Step#2. Click on “Download Now” button. New users will be asked to SignUp.

Step#3. Enter the required fields and click on ‘Download’ button (save the credentials as the same will be used to activate the tool later on).

Step#4. In the “Download Katalon Studio” window, select the operating system and click on “Accept and Download”.

Step#5. Now you just need to extract the package and clicking on Katalon.exe(in case of windows) will launch the tool.

Step#6. In order to activate the tool, it will ask for the emailId and password. Enter the credentials used while creating account on Katalon (step #3).

This concludes the setup and installation of Katalon studio, next we will learn how to create test scripts for web applications using record and playback features.

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