Refresh a webpage in selenium

There are multiple ways of refreshing a page in Selenium Webdriver. In this post, we will present all these ways and also specify which one is the best.

  1. Using driver.navigate command-
    Selenium Webdriver provides inherent support for refreshing a webpage using its driver.navigate command. This is by far the most preferred and widely used way of refreshing a webpage.

  2. Opening current URL using driver.getCurrentUrl() with driver.get() command-

  3. Opening current URL using driver.getCurrentUrl() with driver.navigate() command-

  4. Pressing F5 key on any textbox using sendKeys command-
    driver.findElement(By textboxLocator).sendKeys(Keys.F5);

  5. Passing ascii value of F5 key i.e. "\uE035" using sendKeys command-
    driver.findElement(By textboxLocator).sendKeys("\uE035");