Exceptions in Selenium WebDriver

Exceptions in Selenium

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In this post, we will study the most commonly encountered exceptions in Selenium WebDriver and the root cause of these exceptions.


Reason – In case no element could be located from the locator provided.
Resolution – Check the correctness of the locators for the elements and make sure that the element is present when interacting with them.


Reason – In case the element is present in the dom but is not visible.
Resolution – Make sure that the element is in the visible area when interacted with. Some common methods to achieve this are – maximizing the browser window, and scrolling to the element.


Reason – In case we try to switch to an alert but the targetted alert is not present.
Resolution – Make sure that alert is present when it is interacted with.


Reason – In case we try to switch to a frame but the targetted frame is not present.
Resolution – Check the frame locators and make sure the frame is present on the webpage.


Reason – In case we try to switch to a window but the targetted window is not present.
Resolution – Get the list of window handles using driver.getWindowHandles() and switch to one of the handles present at that particular time.


Reason – In case an unexpected alert blocks the normal interaction of the driver.
Resolution – Accept or dismiss the alert to continue interacting with the dom.


Reason – In case a command execution gets a timeout.
Resolution – This may be a valid exception unless we have set very low timeout values in implicit and explicit waits.


Reason – In case the state of an element is not appropriate for the desired action.
Resolution – Make sure that the element is available to perform the desired operation by waiting for the desired ExpectedCondition in explicit wait.


Reason – In case we are trying to fetch an attribute’s value but the attribute is not correct.
Resolution – Just make sure the attribute we want to fetch from an element is actually present in the element or not.


Reason – In case there is some issue with the driver instance preventing it from getting launched.
Resolution – Check the driver’s instantiation and the dependencies required to instantiate the driver object.

This completes the tutorial on – Exceptions in Selenium. During your Selenium interviews, the interviewer might also ask about these different types of exceptions, one has encountered during automation.

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