config element in jmeter

Config Elements in JMeter

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What are Config Elements in JMeter?

Config elements in JMeter are used to configure or modify the sampler requests made to the server. These elements are added at the same or higher level of the samplers that we want to configure. How to add an Config elements-
Right Click on either of Test Plan/Thread Group/Logic Controller -> Hover over Add -> Hover Over Config Element -> Click on the required Config Element

config elements in jmeter

Config Elements provided in JMeter

CSV Data Set Config

The CSV Data Set Config is used to read data from CSV file, put the data into variable(s) and then use the variable(s) in the sampler requests. Check our tutorial on Parameterization in JMeter for details.

HTTP Cache Manager

The HTTP Cache manager is used in test scripts to add the Caching functionalities of web applications. This element is just required to be added at the same level or higher than the sampler request where caching functionality is required.

HTTP Cookie Manager

The HTTP Cookie manager is required for session handling by providing the functionality of storing and sending of cookies.

User Defined Variables

As the name suggests, the User Defined Variable config element is used to create variables with a value (key-value pairs) that are used across the test script.

Random Variable

The random variable config element is used to generate random numeric values within a range of specified minimum and maximum values.


The counter config element is used to create a variable that gets incremented by specified value in each iteration within a range of minimum and maximum values.

JDBC Connection Configuration

JDBC Connection Configuration is used with JDBC request sampler to create JDBC connection settings.

FTP Request Defaults

The FTP request defaults are used to create default settings while testing FTP servers.

DNS Cache Manager

The DNS Cache Manager is used while testing applications behind the load-balancers.

HTTP Authorization Manager

The HTTP Authorization Manager is used for testing applications requiring multiple logins for ensuring authorization.

HTTP Request Defaults

The HTTP Request Defaults config element is used for setting default values for HTTP requests.

HTTP Header Manager

The HTTP Header Manager is used to override the HTTP request headers.

Java Request Defaults

The Java request defaults config elements are used to specify default values for Java Request sampler.

Keystore Configuration

The Keystore Configuration config element is used to configure the loading of keystores.

Login Config Element

The logic Config element is used to create default credentials for the samplers using username and password in their setup

LDAP Request Defaults

The LDAP request defaults are used to create default settings while testing LDAP servers.

LDAP Extended Request Defaults

The LDAP extended request defaults are used to create default settings for LDAP Extended Request samplers.

TCP Sampler Config

The TCP Sampler Config is used for creating default settings for TCP Sampler.

Simple Config Element

The simple config element is used to create key-value pairs that can be used across the test script.

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