Web UI Automation tools

Hello friends! in this post, we will see different types of automated functional testing tools for Websites. We will analyze each tool and also recommend the best one suited for your needs.

Automated Functional Testing Tools


  • Selenium is a browser automation tool developed primarily by Jason Huggins of ThoughtWorks.
  • It is free and open-source with lots of tutorials available over the internet. Check our Selenium tool tutorial here.
  • Download Link – SeleniumHQ Official Website.
  • It is used for automating Web applications only.
  • It supports different languages – Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, Groovy etc.
  • Our recommendation – Highly recommended, its free and has good career opportunities. The only downside is people from non-programming backgrounds might find it difficult to work with initially.


  • Watir, pronounced as ‘water’ stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby.
  • It is an open-source web application automation tool.
  • Installation link – watir can be installed as ruby gem from here.
  • It requires scripting in ruby only.
  • Our recommendation – Its open-source with good community support. Companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikimedia, Slack uses it for UI automation.


  • Sahi is a web automation tool that comes with both free and paid versions.
  • Its free version provides most of the functionality required for UI automation.
  • Download link – You can download the free version here.
  • It provides a multi-browser record and playback feature.
  • Our recommendation – It’s free and also provides a record and playback feature. This makes it a good prospect to learn and implement in your project.


  • Tellurium is a free web UI automation as well as a test case management tool.
  • It provides English like syntax for automating web applications.
  • Download link – [No link]:-), this is the beauty of Tellurium, it is doesn’t require any installation.
  • Just register at Tellurium’s site and manage your project online.
  • Our recommendation – It’s English like scripting makes it easier to automate applications in Tellurium. Also, it provides additional test case management functionality.


  • Quick Test Professional(QTP) is an automated functional testing tool developed by Hewlett Packard.
  • It is a commercial tool with a very expensive license.
  • Download link – A 30 days trial version can be downloaded here.
  • It is used for automating both Web and Windows applications.
  • It supports the VB script only.
  • Our recommendation – It is comparatively easier to do scripting in QTP as compared to selenium but its high licensing cost limits its usage to large enterprises only.


  • TestComplete is a paid tool provided by Smartbear for GUI automation.
  • It can automate Web, Mobile as well as Desktop applications.
  • Link – For pricing and other details, refer to Smartbear’s official site.
  • It has got the record and playback features along with a graphical interface for scripting which makes it easier for non-programmers to understand and work with.
  • Our recommendation – Its a paid tool but scripting is easy in TestComplete, so if pricing is not an issue and the majority of stakeholders are from the non-programming background then this tool can be used.

Telerik Test Studio-

  • Telerik Test Studio is a Window-based functional testing automation tool.
  • It can be used to automate both web and desktop applications.
  • Link – You can download the trial version from Telerik’s official website.
  • It provides a record and playback feature as well.
  • Our recommendation – If your application is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio and the testers can code then you can surely use this tool.

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