Test Scenarios of Hospital Management System

  1. Verify that the portal for new patient registration has all the mandatory fields required for registering a patient.
  2. Verify that after filling the patient details and successful payment a Patient-Card is printed.
  3. Verify that card has information like patient details, doctor assigned, department, application number, DOJ, bed allocated(if applicable) etc.
  4. Verify that after pateint checkup based on the requirement the details are updated in patient details database.
  5. Verify that for existing patient based on application number of the patient, their records are added/updated in the database.
  6. Verify that the system has an admin for doctors as well.
  7. Verify that for each doctors details like their timings, speciality, fee, patient visited etc is visble to the autorised users.
  8. Verify that new details of new doctors can be added in the system.
  9. Verify that details of existing users can be updated in the system.
  10. Verify that doctor's record can be deleted from the system.
  11. Verify the billing admin of the system calculates bill based on the patient's unique application number from the data generated from different sytems.
  12. Verify that the hard copy of the bill can be gnerating by printing the bill.
  13. Verify that autorised users can also see total day wise billing done.
  14. Verify the admin for hospital inventory, room and beds management.
  15. Verify that the admin has the record of all the equipments, machines and medicines and the same gets updated when used or added to the system.
  16. Verify that the admin has record of rooms and beds availability and same get updated based on their allotment and departure to patients.